ABAC-BAAN assists its members in anti-counterfeiting matters initiated by the customs administration, the police and the economic inspection (Ministry of Economic Affairs)

Interception of suspicious good by the customs authorities

  • ABAC-BAAN functions as the interface between the customs authorities and its members when suspicious products are intercepted
  • The association takes care of the complete administrative follow-up of customs files
  • It implements the “simplified procedure” in view of the swift destruction of the counterfeit products
  • ABAC-BAAN involves the judicial authorities if required

Non customs related counterfeit files

  • ABAC-BAAN works with independent and experienced field investigators or in-house resources in order to inspect markets as well as other points of sale and suspicious places
  • They operate at their own initiative, upon request of the authorities or upon a specific request of a member
  • In case suspicious products are spotted, ABAC-BAAN contacts the concerned member and the relevant authorities in view of the seizure and destruction of counterfeit products
  • The association provides support to the police and/or economic inspection before, during and/or after anti-counterfeit raids (interalia collecting and passing on product assessments of members)
  • ABAC-BAAN files criminal complaints or declarations of injured party
  • If they wish, members can file a civil action (claim damages) through their own extern counsels

Destruction of counterfeit products

  • ABAC-BAAN aims for swift destructions of counterfeit products seized by the authorities
  • The association introduces requests to that effect with the relevant authorities (public prosecutors, inquiring magistrates, customs)
  • ABAC-BAAN provides the assistance requested by the authorities
  • If required the association calls upon providers of transport, warehousing as well as destruction services and coordinates the operations under supervision of the authorities

ABAC-BAAN maintains a good relationship with the authorities

Training and consultations


  • participates to training and awareness initiatives for the police, the customs administration, the economic inspection and the public prosecutors and implicates its members in such initiatives and/or represents them
  • conveys specific training requests to its members and helps implementing those trainings
  • is also involved in consultations and sessions on the working processes of the authorities, legislative initiatives, statistics, etc.
  • communicates with the authorities on concerns of its members


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