Members pay an annual fixed fee and a variable quarterly intervention fee, the amount of which depends on the number of
files and the numbers of products seized per file. Yearly ceilings are applicable. In some cases the costs associated with the transport, the storage and the destruction of the products are billed to the concerned members, directly by the provider of the transport, storage and/or destruction services. The costs are shared between the right holders pro rata to the number of seized products. Regarding transport and destruction services, offers from the concerned service providers are submitted in advance to the members for approval. If samples would be required for identification purposes, the postage costs (parcel services like Fedex, DHL, etc) will be charged to the concerned member.

Specific assignments = ad hoc arrangements.


  • The fight against counterfeiting is cost-efficient = costs shared by several companies
  • Joint actions have a greater impact and dissuasive effect
  • The authorities have less interlocutors
  • As representatives of several right holders the association has more weight in the framework of petitions to public prosecutors, the police, the customs administration, the economic inspection as well as vis-à-vis service providers (warehousing, transport, destruction)

More information

In case you wish more information with regard to affiliation, we are happy to answer any queries you may have, to provide you with the applicable fee rates as well as with the specific documents that need to be completed in view of the affiliation of your company.


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