Record of counterfeit products seized in 2016 by the Federal Service of Economy

Record of counterfeit products seized in 2016 by the Federal Service of Economy

In 2016, the Economic Inspection of the Federal Service of Economy seized 432,727 counterfeit products, a remarkable increase of 36% compared to 2015. In addition, the market value of these goods increased from 12.3 million to a little less than 16 million euros, an absolute record.

In 2016, the economic inspection received 723 reports of "counterfeiting and piracy" on the platform "". The platform, which was launched in February 2016, has thus achieved its objectives in the areas of reports and actual investigations carried out.

In total, the Economic Inspection conducted 1,200 checks on counterfeiting in 2016. They targeted warehouses, hangars, street stalls, markets, fairs and also exhibition stands. They also noted Internet offenses. Sales sites and social media have also been monitored.

As a result of these actions, 44 warning minutes, 13 warning minutes with a proposal for an amicable settlement and 177 Pro Justitia were drafted.

Counterfeits seized Number of Items In euros
Personal hygiene and cosmetic products 13.148 132.124
Clothing and accessories 25.396 3.231.720
Footwear, including parts and accessories 64.559 9.743.455
Personal accessories (glasses, handbags ...) 2.029 1.672.555
Mobile phones including spare parts and technical accessories 14.002 331.490
Electrical / Electronic / Computing Equipment and Online Content 6.434 226.506
CD, DVD, cassettes, game cartridges 1.427 21.405
Toys, games (including game consoles) and sporting goods 662 12.536
Other (cleaning products, cosmetics ...) 305.070 591.242
TOTAL 432.727 15.963.033

Operation Omonaga

Actions have been carried out with some success in large networks. The most notable example was "Operation Omonaga". This was aimed at an active criminal organization in the following areas: counterfeiting, importation of tobacco and illegal alcohol, and money laundering.
This operation resulted in 21 search orders, 11 arrests and the arrest warrant by the investigating judge and the imprisonment of 4 people. In the context of Operation Omonaga, the seizure of:

  • 62,796 pairs of counterfeit Nike shoes;
  • 2,946 counterfeit t-shirts from Hugo Boss;
  • 3.083 counterfeit t-shirts from Philippe Plein.

The transport of these products to the destruction center of the Federal Service of Economy required no less than 8 semi-trailer trucks.

Social media

The success of social media is also increasingly attracting malicious people. Social media is increasingly popular to offer counterfeit products. Counterfeiting through social media usually involves luxury goods: handbags, shoes, clothing ... There is not only a large offer but also a great demand. Social media abounds with groups of people from whom massive counterfeiting can be purchased. It should be noted that people of all backgrounds and levels are interested.


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