Kuras proceeds with our expertises with customs, police and Fod Economy and on the Internet. Kuras also carries out all our surveys and investigations. Finally, Kuras also provides logistical support in storage and destruction.

Demontage Werkplaats Zeeland is our destructor per excellence. Although based in the Netherlands DWZ has built up a certain reputation in our country. DWZ works as much as possible in an ecological way and will recycle where possible.

Merkenmoord/Marques mises à mort - Can you imagine a world without brands. It starts with neutral packs of cigarettes like in Australia, but ... where does it end? Plain packaging prohibits the use of logos, trademarks and graphic elements on the product packaging. Some people present them as a tool to discourage the consumption of certain products labeled as "unhealthy" by making them "unattractive".


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